Battery Conditioner

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BATTERY is the main source for the STORAGE of ENERGY in the World, in a recent scientific journal, it was stated that 80% of LEAD-ACID BATTERIES eventually failed due to SULPHATION. Now-a-days, BATTERIES are becoming so expensive because of more demand in the market. Time has come to think on the Enhancement of our BATTERY LIFE SPAN. Many companies are working on this. We identified one of the technique / solution for increasing the LIFE SPAN of the BATTERY, and we are working upon improving of the technology.

The plates are the HEART of the BATTERIES. Basically, the batteries are able to store and supply energy because of an interaction between the plates and the BATTERY ACID. In theory, BATTERIES should last years, but they usually don`t. Because of a series of problems caused by sulphation buildup. As the BATTERY gets older or sits unused for long period of time, LEAD SULPHATE on the BATTERY plates enlarge and buildup to the point where they create an insulation barrier. Before long, the buildup can become so dense that the BATTERY will no longer accept or release energy. COSMIC BATTERY LIFE ENHANCER™ (REVITALISER) anti sulphation system will help prevent this problem once and for all.


BATTERY Revitalizer Generates 15,000 Specific Electric Pulses per second, into the BATTERY. These pulses attack and activate the SULPHATE molecules that adhere to the LEAD plates inside whenever the BATTERY is discharged, preventing those molecules from crystallizing and permanently attaching to the LEAD plates. In this way, BATTERY LIFE ENHANCER Prevents Permanent sulphation in the BATTERY. The Pulses are so effective, that they also to a certain extent resolve already crystallized SULPHATE in old batteries. The SULPHATE is reactivated and brought back to the electrolyte as active material, rejuvenating the BATTERY.

SULPHATION is the most common cause for the BATTERY FAILURE. It makes the battery last only a limited period of time. The internal parts of the BATTERIES are designed and produced to last for a much longer period of time. In other words, BATTERIES could last much longer than they usually do.