Computer Restart Productor

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Protect Your Computer against Restart during Power Failure when UPS / Invertor Power is Backing Up. Now a Days, Computers have become a Part of our day to day Life. Without Computers most of our activity will not be complete. To operate/work with Computers, good quality continuous power supply is required. But due to frequent power cuts, our Computers do not work properly, and we have to depend on alternate power supply like UPS, Invertors, Solar Power Supply or Generators etc. If we are using Online UPS System there is no changeover time between Electricity Board Power failure and UPS backup power. But, Online UPS or Invertor Solution. For Less no of Computers i.e., Less than 10 Computers, most of us are depending on offline UPS or Invertors because of its economical and low Running cost. Also it can be used for lighting loads as well as Computers..


Offline UPS / Invertors means during EB power availability it will by-pass EB power, with low and High Voltage protection. When power fails, within fraction of a second, UPS / Inverter backup power will supply power to the Computers. During this changeover time, Computers may restart due to delay in changeover restart.

Cosmic has developed a device which will act as a bridge between Computers and offline UPS / Inverter to protect Computers from restart problem. During power failure or when power restores back, this device will provide power to the Computers within fraction of second. When power fails, Immediately UPS / Inverter Backup power will start feeding to Computers. It is a very simple device and it provides clean and filtered power to CPU. During availability of EB power and UPS / Inverter. backup power there is no need to worry for Computer restarting problem and loss of your Computer data by using Offline UPS / Inverter. This device can be connected to any make and any capacity of Offline UPS / Inverter. Each Computer requires one 'Cosmic Computer Restart Protector' and it has to be connected only with the CPU. So get relaxed when power fails. Computer restart protector will take care of your Computer if you are using Offline UPS